What is the make up of the Panel?

The 7 Local authorities making up the Cumbria Police and Crime Panel are:

The Cumbria Police and Crime Panel is composed of ten Cumbrian councillors, with members coming from each of the authorities, plus two independent co-opted members. For details of the full membership of the panel please click here

View the Panel arrangements here (please note the arrangements are subject to ratification by all 7 constituent authorities)

What will the Cumbria Police and Crime Panel do?

The panel will have a range of powers and responsibilities including:

  • To review the draft police and crime plan
  • To publicly scrutinise the Commissioner's annual report
  • To review and scrutinise decisions and actions by the Commissioner
  • To review the Commissioner's proposed precept levels
  • To review the Commissioner's Conduct
  • To review and confirm the Commissioner's proposed appointments of Chief Constable, Chief Executive, Chief Finance Officer, and Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner

Other key Cumbria Police and Crime information includes:

The Police and Crime Panel is committed to making its finances clear, so that everyone can see exactly how it is spending money. As part of this commitment to provide financial transparency, any expenditure made by the Panel over £500 (excluding VAT) will be published on-line as part of Cumbria County Council as host authority's spend here

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 came into force on 1 January 2005, giving individuals, organisations or companies the opportunity to request information. If people wish to request information regarding the Police and Crime Panel, this will need to be done through the host authority - Cumbria County Council. Full details are available here